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Wilhelm II and his mother, Empress Victoria. 
Wilhelm was born breech, and as a consequence the left side of his
upper body was severely disabled.  As a child, he couldn’t walk
properly, and he was unable to dress himself throughout his life.  He
was put through years of almost torturous treatment, and tendons on
one side of his neck were severed to correct his posture and facial
expressions.  For a long time, those around him saw him as an
unworthy heir of the Hohenzollerns.  This contributed to a lifelong
inferiority complex and inability to tolerate the slightest hint of

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Siblings of King Edward VII Spam.

Victoria, Princess Royal

Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa was born 21 November 1840

She was the eldest child of Queen Victoria of Great Britain and Ireland and Prince Albert, and was created Princess Royal in 1841. She was the mother of Wilhelm II, German Emperor

She became German Empress and Queen of Prussia by marriage to German Emperor Frederick III.

She died on 5 August 1901

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